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News November 2013

The Skylarks were a fun group of musical women, what a great show; I think the men enjoyed it the most.

Mary Ellen Grealis, is having a bus trip to the Palace Theatre to see the musical “Once”, on Wednesday, November 20th. The tickets are $55.00 per person, and the cost includes a Lakefront Bus leaving from the Club and returning to the Club after the show. Tickets can be purchased by calling Mary Ellen at 440-235-6528. Make checks payable to Mary Ellen Grealis. Don’t wait; this is a great show.

At our November 14th meeting we will be entertained by the EKCO Ringers. Christmas Party tickets will also be on sale for $11.00 per person; get a fun group of your friends together for a good time. Donations of door prizes or raffle items would be greatly appreciated. Call Marge Lavelle with your donations. Thank you for helping make the party a success.


There was no election for Trustees because the eligible nominees declined their nominations. The current Trustees that were running for re-election will start their new 3 year term on January 1, 2014. We had nominations for Club Officers at our October General Meeting. John O’Brien, President, Kevin McDonough, Vice President, and Maureen Rice, Recording Secretary were unopposed. Nominated to run for Financial Secretary were: Maureen Lavelle and Ann Murphy. Nominated to run for Treasurer were: Kevin Hayes, Michael Lavelle, Mary Ellen Grealis, and Maureen Lavelle. Nominated to run for Sergeant-at-Arms were: Dan Chambers and Tom Lucas. If those nominated accept their nominations, then we will have an election for Club Officers at the November 21st General Meeting.